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My name is Simon and I'm a Performance Marketing specialist "nomad" with over 15 years' experience working with international firms and brands across different international markets including EMEA, APAC, and the USA. Managing global teams and executing digital marketing strategies with proven ability to drive record-high ROI and scalability of regional & international growth hacking.

I'll be your external advisor who specializes in leveraging online marketing channels to generate leads and increase sales conversions.


Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads Management

Our full-service Google Shopping Management covers every aspect of your product advertising needs in search, from bid and performance optimization to improved targeting and comprehensive management of your feed down to the individual SKU. We know what drives performance. Our proven strategies, along with our collaborative approach to working and unique partnerships with Google ensure you get the best returns on your Google Shopping Campaigns.

Product Feed Optimization

Optimizing your product feed is the foundation to any successful Google Shopping campaign. It’s responsible for every search term that your Shopping Ads appear for and helps to improve your Return on Ad spend. Our sophisticated software and team of expert analysts will help to ensure your product feed is continually optimized to deliver exceptional results.

Merchant Centre Setup & Management

Google Merchant Centre is a powerful tool which uploads your product listings for use with Google Shopping and make them available to shoppers across the platform. We offer everything from creating the merchant centre to assisting with disapprovals or warnings. Managing this crucial aspect of campaign set up and performance on your behalf, allows your ads to display correctly and simplifies your whole Google Shopping seller experience.

Optimization of Bid Strategies

Your enterprise eCommerce catalog needs more than bid adjustments, though. We segment your PLAs for the most effective budget strategies based on a number of factors including geo-targeting, day-parting, user devices, audience segments, bucketing based on ROAS, products, consumer intent, and more. Spend money on top-converting PLAs and reduce your wasted spend on non-converters.

Reporting & Insights

Results are everything. They’re integral to maximising performance and improving ROI. We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns, applying advanced optimisation techniques to ensure higher visibility and an effective allocation of your overall budget. Everything we do is backed by detailed reporting so that you always understand what results are being achieved and what improvements we’ve made.

Display Ads

We build our display campaigns on a foundation of knowledge and insights into your target audience. Our Programmatic Display is engineered to find the right customers at the right moment for maximum impact.

Using behavioral analysis, market segmentation and first and third party data, we uncover the places on the web that are most relevant to your audience and create highly-targeted poster campaigns that find your audience wherever they are browsing.


Display Ad Audit & Strategy

Prior to launching any campaigns, we complete a full creative, audience and competitive audit to understand the effectiveness of existing and prior display campaigns. Using this information combined with your business goals, we develop a display roadmap to meet those objectives. This roadmap includes ideal platform mix, messaging and creative, flight timing, budget recommendations and customer journey map considerations.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing on the Google Display Network is the perfect way to ensure your brand remains “top of mind” with those customers who have visited or engaged with your website, but not yet converted as a lead or sale. By creating dynamic retargeting ads, and using relevant ad placements, our campaigns are designed to reconnect with, and influence, your ‘warmer’ customers and turn abandoned basket users into sales and revenue.

Brand Awareness

Display advertising will help you increase the reach and recognition of your brand and products, showcasing your business to an interested audience through contextual and behavioural targeting. We leverage custom audience targeting by showing your adverts on websites that your ideal buyer already visits, and tailor your messaging and ad creative to make your business stand out and grab their attention.

Reporting & Insights

Results are everything. They’re integral to maximising performance and improving ROI. We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Display campaigns, applying advanced optimisation techniques to ensure higher visibility and an effective allocation of your overall budget. Everything we do is backed by detailed reporting so that you always understand what results are being achieved and what improvements we’ve made.

Search Ads

Get to the heart of your customers’ needs through real-time, far-reaching data. By building search marketing campaigns rooted in analytics, we’re able to identify intent and meet your customers where they’re at in the buying journey. This empowers your brand to connect with the customer, providing more value, relevance, and ROI.

We’re experts in creating and managing high-performing Search Ad campaigns across a range of platforms to increase your brand’s visibility and profitability. We work in partnership with your marketing team to establish key objectives and strategy and give you the expertise and best practice recommendations where you need it most.

Account structure

Your account structure is about determining how to best use different ad groups in different campaigns, to make sure you’re effectively targeting the right people for the right purpose in an organised, segmented approach.

Without good account structure, it’s easy to find yourself getting confused about the purposes of specific ad groups within different campaigns, and it can make it harder to manage individual ads. For instance, if you want to remove one managed placement from a display campaign or one bad search ad, it’s a lot easier to find it and delete it when you know where to look for it.


Data segments & Remarketing

You can create audience segments to target with your Search ads that include people who have left your website without buying anything. Your Search ads will then help you connect with these potential customers when they continue looking for what they need using Google Search. Set your bids, create ads, or select keywords keeping in mind that these potential customers have previously visited your website.

Bid Management

Google Ads offers several bid strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns. Depending on which networks your campaign is targeting, and whether you want to focus on getting clicks, impressions, conversions, or views you can determine which strategy is best for your business.

Manual bid management is not always an option when you are running thousands of campaigns, ad-groups and keywords. We are comfortable using Kenshoo, Acquisio, Marin & DoubleClick Search. We also like to create and deploy our own custom Google Ads scripts for Bid Management & Automation, or more advanced solutions using Google Ads API.

Audience targeting

Being targeted with your ads is the hallmark of a good ads strategy. It's the difference between your content being viewed as intrusive, or truly relevant and helpful within the buyer's journey. Using audience targeting, you can make sure that the people who matter to you see your pages at the top of their search. In this lesson, learn how to effectively reach your customers using Google audiences.

The process

Step 1

The audit

We begin by reviewing your existing campaigns, account structure and feature usage to identify missed opportunities and room for improvement. We also gather competitor insights to better understand your industry and your performance compared to your competition.

Step 2

Building a long term strategy

The next step is developing a long term strategy to cement future success. We create projections of where the account should be in 3-12 months and build an ideal campaign structure for both search and shopping campaigns.

Step 3

Quick wins

We then leverage quick wins to immediately improve performance. This can involve changing a campaign setting, resolving merchant centre issues or simply improving your ad copy.

Step 4


We won’t confuse you with a bunch of PPC jargon. We provide straight-forward reports that your executive management team can easily understand and see the value in. We report on the metrics your business cares about.



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